October 1-2, 2018 • ucla luskin conference center

Elizabeth Owen

Director of Learning and Data Science at Age of Learning


Elizabeth Owen holds a doctorate in digital media—focused in game-based learning analytics—from the University of Wisconsin—Madison School of Education. Currently Director of Learning and Data Science at Age of Learning, she is committed to leveraging data science to optimize adaptive, engaging learning systems. Previously a data scientist and learning designer with GlassLab Games, LRNG, and Metacog, Elizabeth’s doctoral roots lie with the Games+Learning+Society research and game development lab. Collaborators include EA, Zynga, and Popcap games, and Dr. Ryan Baker at the University of Pennsylvania in ongoing Educational Data Mining. Prior to graduate school, Dr. Owen was a K-12 educator for a decade, and founding teacher at a charter school in Los Angeles—LAAAE.org.